“The company’s long-term vision is total customer SRLtisfaction and quality continuous improvement innovation with focus on MOTION segment.”

Since the year 2016, when I’ve decided to invest for creating TRISTAR STEEL SRL my focus has always been and will be, even in the coming years, the total customer SRLtisfaction along with innovative products focused on the MOTION segment. I have decided to introduce the MOTION category because with TRISTAR Steel SRL my focus is on components whose ultimate function is to generate movement. We produce only small diameters of hard chrome plated bars and linear shafts which are parts of final products like shock absorbers in the automotive industry, gas cylinders, actuators and pneumatic cylinders and linear shafts for linear motion systems. All of which are mechanical parts that generate motion.
Working in this industry for 40 years I realized that the global market had a demand for high-quality small-size components which was not being met by supply. In fact, these kinds of components are mainly produced by small and medium-sized companies which can be defined as generalist, since they produce a wide range of products other than precision components. This means that they are not strictly focused on small-diameter components and that their manufacturing machinery is not specific for this type of product. With TRISTAR Steel, however, I have decided to considerably invest in advanced automated technology to produce high quality and accurate chrome plated bars and linear shafts for MOTION.

Our main driver is the “passion” with which we took every decision, built up every relationship with our customers and suppliers, with our employees and the community around us. We try hard to keep competitiveness high because that’s the key to suceed in the global market where we’re operating. Being competitive is thus the only way to guarantee development and social well-being, and it has a clear meaning to us: “never be SRLtisfied, as you can always do better”. Values such as reliability, accountability, innovation, respect and appreciation of people, quality and SRLfety and respect of the environment are driving our team in TRISTAR STEEL SRL.

Luciano GIOL


As a newly created business, with a specific aim in mind, we benefit from the latest advancements in automated technology. On top we have invested considerably for delivering high quality and accurate chrome plated bars & tubes and Linear shafts for linear motion products. Tristar Steel is using technology to obtain the best performance known in the industrial field. We know we are capable of rising up to new challenges and we are looking forward to cooperating with our customers


Alongside the newest equipment on the market, we taken great care to source from the best European mills and world’s top manufacturers of high quality steel. The manufacturing process relies on the automated measurement system, laser measurement systems and other top of the notch machines. We follow a strict procedure of quality assurance and testing in our modern laboratories, all for the creation of quality products. Our international reputation for quality comes precisely from the standard of the services we provide to our clients.

high-quality custom precision shafts

Our daily production

We do produce in the range from 5,00 mm to 50.00 mm only an average of about 5.000 meters per day of Chrome Plated Bars. The production of Linear Shaft induction-hardened and grinded, when fully operative, will be set around 3,000 m per day working in three shifts.


To enable handling without problems all bars with a size below 12 mm are packed in standard wooden boxes and sizes greater than 14 mm are individually packed in white plastic sleeve or scardboard tubes and bundled in max 1000 Kg. Each standard box or bundle is marked with a label containing the following data: TRISTAR Steel S.r.l., diameter, grade, heat number, meters, weight and customer order number

Quality inspection

The total production, each single bar, is subject to an automated continuous control system and a manual human check for a visual surface control, diameter tolerance, roughness and chrome layer thickness. Samples are taken from each production batch for salt spray testing and the results recorded are held for references.

high-quality chrome bars and tubes

Commercial links all over the world

Maintaining awareness of the environment and to our local community, we endeavor to ensure our company’s growth and achievements. We are located in a healthy environment – for both our employees and the surrounding community – in Târgoviște, Dâmbovița. This places us at about 80 km from the capital, Bucharest and more or less 300 km from the main harbor of the country – Constanța. Our setup is crucial, we are at crossroads of Europe and Asia so we believe we will be able to initiate and maintain commercial links all over the world.

TRISTAR STEEL SRL is a global leader in the production of Hard Chrome Plated Bars and Linear Shafts for Linear Motion Systems both products in the range form 5,00 mm up to 50,00 mm. With a customer base allover the world TRISTAR STEEL SRL is focused only on MOTION segment of the market.

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