Performance you can trust!
TRISTAR STEEL SRL Hard Chrome Plated Bars and Tubes have become the ideal choice for hydraulic & Pneumatic components to a large number of companies worldwide. TRISTAR STEEL SRL is one of the largest producers of hard-chrome plated bars and tubes in Europe focused on the MOTION market segment.

Chrome Plated Bars C45E

Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Bars C45E

Chrome Plated Bars Alloy 20MnV6

Tube Chrome Plated E355+SR

Performance you can trust!

TRISTAR STEEL SRL is a high quality supplier that controls the entire manufacturing process from raw materials to the final product. The result is products with consistent quality. Together with tests on every batch, this offers excellent reliability and traceability while it also safeguards customer productivity.

Our strategies to fight corrosion

Depending on the environment where our STAR products are used as hydraulic or pneumatic component there are different levels of corrosion resistance to meet the challenge. The standard STAR product has a multi overlapped layers of chrome 5 to 6 and subject to a special surface finishing process.The multi-layers reduce the risk that the external environment can penetrate and attack the underlying steel.

Trusting the TRISTAR STEEL SRL technology

Our technology is trusted worldwide by a wide range of companies in industries such as Pneumatic Cylinders, Gas Springs, Shock Absorbers, Materials Handling, Forestry machinery, Agricultural equipment, Industrial hydraulics, ect.

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